A Genuine Spiritual Path

Guillermo , Izabal, Guatemala

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Unaltered picture taken at sunrise in Sinchi Runa

Do you believe in a superior intelligence? We can call it a divine force, the universe or God. Whatever that concept may be to you, is important to know from heart if you believe in it fully or not. If there is any hesitation or is a profound no then you might check the picture above and tell me what do you feel when you see it.  Ask yourself what or who is creating that sunrise? Look at the picture very closely and please make sure your heart is still beating. Do you know you exist? Now close your eyes and try to feel that same picture in your heart.  What do you feel? Stop for a moment and do this just for a second.

There are spiritual paths designed by religious institutions, ideologies, gurus or obscurantist sects that have certain specific steps, levels or positions to  aspire. All based on incomplete perceptions of life depending on its rigidness or exclusions. Many are distorted over time by misinterpretation and others are designed for political purposes. All claim to possess the absolute truth and promise a place in heaven if we live our lives according to their belief system. Finally, in all these stories we are constantly being judged by God and evaluated to see if we win a place in heaven or if we go to hell for the rest of our existence.

This perspective gives us the idea that there is a person in the sky watching every action we make and if we do something out of the rule book, God will punish us and take note for our judgment day. This way of presenting God presumes a constant planting of fear that castrates our own free will and development of our human nature. It also promotes the idea that God is out there somewhere and only through belief or dogma we are worthy of his mercy, compassion and love. Undergoing ideologies created by man in the name of God has proved to be the deception of the human history. They have only brought immense suffering along with wars of ignorance towards ourselves and planet earth. Humanity has become a chained soul at the cost of a false search for God which is disguised as spirituality but serves only for the purpose of acceptance and social recognition. We are definitely not acting like we would know what the universe, the superior intelligence or God wants from us, so why hold on to the same belief system? Why hold on to the same way of relating to God?

Did you know that when the universe was created we were all with God? That we were all really one? If so, why did we stop feeling God inside of us and started looking for him outside? When he gave us free will we started thinking and that gave us a sensation of separation that lead us to stop feeling and listening to the universe, the divine force or God. This also led us to believe that we were separated from each other creating all this illusion we name Life. We believed that we came into this life to be served and not to serve, that itself has led us to ambitiously seek the individual benefit and not the collective one. We consciously or unconsciously believe that God judges and condemns. It has permuted over our way of thinking creating a illusion that we have to protect ourselves from our own nature, spreading guilt and fear in our own human nature. And mainly we forgot that from the beginning and always, God has been present throughout all our existence, with us, within us.

We have the opportunity as humanity to open our hearts and remember our divine relationship with the universe. It is possible only to be what we truly are and not be what we think we should be, but a free being.  A being free of beliefs and paradigms, a being with universal consciousness, with divine connection, intuition and in harmony with its surroundings. A being of compassion and love.  In other words, we have the right to be a real human being. We are spiritual beings in a body, bot a body with spirit.

How can we find our own spiritual path? To find our spiritual path we must turn within to the center of our heart and arouse genuine interest to serve God or the universe. This is where we connect and intensify the flame that resides in the core of our selves. It serves also as a call to the cosmos ‘ ready to do what we came here to do.’ This flame is a mean by which we communicate with the cosmos. In other words one could say that this flame is a part from God or the universe. It serves as a compass to guide us through the needed steps that have to be taken to give a purpose and direction to our lives that will lead to comprehend who we truly are.

By strengthening our connection with spiritual exercises and establishing a transparent relationship with ourselves we allow the fusion of our soul with the universal flame that all living beings carries within. The only way to listen to what is required from us is by contemplating our being in silence. Do not try to quiet the mind; it is not possible and not necessary either. Rather observe the mind and feel what your heart is telling you.  You will certainly know what it is that your heart is saying when you feel it and that is what you are being asked to do and without much analysis, take action. This is how we relate to the cosmos, demonstrating our unconditional faith through action.

If there is enough faith and purity in our action, the universe will conspire to our advantage so we can keep diving inside ourselves. This path will show us our true selves and on the side, we will discover our own inner light, our own voice. This relationship with the universe will take us to the spiritual path that is suitable for each and every one. I must clarify that there are so many ways to reach a spiritual path as there are personalities, so even if it is “crazy” what you feel you should do, you should do it with all the humbleness and purity you possess. This is the kind of faith that the universe requires from us to have.

Your spiritual path will make you comprehend through out the journey, with much inner healing work, discipline, hope, faith, patience and perseverance, your true purpose in life. There is no magical short way. Without sacrifice and suffering, there is no comprehension, and without comprehension, there is no healing. There is no magic pill, no magic potion or magic wand, much less a messiah or savior who will do it for us. The will and the power to take action lies within each of us.

The healing of our soul is essential to integrate and comprehend in our hearts the energy of compassion. Only by reaching compassion we can try to reach the energy of real love. And only being love we can achieve harmony and the peace that we all long as humanity. We have to become aware of this and work so it descends into our hearts.

We don’t have to change governors; we don’t have to change the system. We need to govern our own selves. We have to turn the face to the mirror and ask ourselves how much more we will continue to promote ignorance and  fear which has caused so much suffering to humanity. We have to acknowledge that everything around us is a reflection of our inner state as humanity.

Take action! The time is now, it only depends on us. We are eternal beings with interdimensional capacities and with immense possibilities. Let’s awaken our hearts, let’s honor the light that we all share within and let’s undertake our path to true freedom.


4 Responses to “A Genuine Spiritual Path”

  1. Michael Sieler says:

    Excellent article Guillermo!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    I hope to one day visit you and Sanango again!

    Peace and Love,

    • Guillermo , Izabal, Guatemala says:

      We hope we have the chance to share another session with you Michael.
      Very much Love back to you.

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I am very much looking forward to my second session this weekend!! What a gift. Thank you for a beautiful piece of enlightenment

    • Guillermo says:

      We are very much looking forward for your third session. Thank you for your trust and for being as genuine as you are.

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