Molecular Composition


The invention of Ayahuasca is an achievement in psychoactive technology dating back thousands of years before Christ. It is a mixture of great biochemical complexity composed of two plants, Chakruna and Banisteriopsis caapi. The first contains a hormone that the human brain produces naturally in limited quantities known as dymethyltriptamine or DMT, which while ingested orally its inhibited by the Monoamino Oxidasa, an enzyme in our digest system blocks the access to our own DMT produced by the pineal gland.

The amazing part of it is that the second plant of the mixture contains Armalina, alkaloid that inhibits the enzyme and allow us to access our own DMT plus the one contained in the Chakruna, the mixture is endowed with psychoactive effects, which through the method of oral ingestion produces a neuronal dynamization that in many cases is experienced in the form of visions of symbolic images. This phenomenon in the appropriate context can help us to comprehend distinct aspects of our own truth and reality.